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We are a team of car advertising specialists and enthusiasts with a focus on sales and promotion of hubcap advertising. Discover our unique non-rotating wheel covers, this patented car advertisement is a real eye catcher.

Hubcap advertising a yellow car with hubcap ads, ABS-Line wheel covers!

Non-Rotating wheel covers for hubcap advertising

We have an extensive range of promotional items for wheels. From advertising on the wheels of cars and taxis to advertising on your golf cart wheels. Discover all our striking and unique advertising possibilities with our non-rotating hubcaps a.k.a wheel covers.

Place your own unique advertisement stickers with custom, personalised design on the wheel covers and you are ready to get the show on the road!

Hubcap ads a real eye catcher

Whether it is an advertisement for a company car or a taxi this unique non-rotating vehicle advertisement is a real eye catcher.

View our gallery with examples of hubcap advertising, or visit the shop!

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And as we always say, seeing is believing!

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